Exploring Adoption

First Coast Women’s Services is not an adoption agency, although we inform and provide care and emotional support to women who decide to make an adoption plan for their child. Our Adoption Client Advocate will walk with the birth mother through her journey as she chooses the type of adoption she wants to make and prepares her for the many emotions she will experience.

How Fcws helps with the adoption process:

  • Provides information on the adoption process
  • Shares options which include open, semi-open and closed adoptions
  • Supports women as they choose adoptive parents
  • Supports women as they work with an adoption agency or attorney to choose the family they want their child to grow up in.

“I found myself in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. I had no idea what I was going to do. I found First Coast Women’s Services, and they saved me. I went through counseling for months, and I solidified the idea that adoption was what I needed to do…First Coast Women’s Services is just an amazing organization. You can’t even describe in words the emotions they prepare you to go through…I signed the papers knowing in every fiber of my being that it was the right thing to do…I will never tell anyone adoption is easy, but I will always make sure they know it’s worth it.”

Maggie, former adoption client