Client Testimonies

Testimonies from Abortion-Minded Women:

antoinette’s story

When Antoinette came to First Coast Women’s Services, she was uncertain about what to do regarding her pregnancy. Upon google-searching for abortion clinics, though, she stumbled across First Coast Women’s Services and scheduled an appointment. After finding the support she was so desperate for in our Center, she decided to choose LIFE for her baby girl, whom she aptly named Treasure.

Albrie’s story

The Monday before Albrie walked into First Coast Women’s Services, she had just returned to college classes. She was one of those eager students, but her fears and anxieties were compounded with the knowledge that she was pregnant. Luckily, Albrie found First Coast Women’s Services – a compassionate, life-affirming organization – who honestly discussed all her options with her and the impacts of each decision. Ultimately, Albrie made a decision for life!

Aisha’s story

When Aisha came to First Coast Women’s Services, she was considering abortion. Already the mother of two young children, she didn’t feel prepared to have another. However, after seeing her baby on her ultrasound with FCWS, she was overcome with joy seeing her baby moving and full of life. Aisha chose LIFE for her baby girl. Aisha is also continuing to pursue her career and will graduate in 2022 as a Medical Coder. She is a beautiful example of the power of women to be ALL that they desire to be.

Sinead’s Story

Sinead came to FCWS concerned about her pregnancy. She was uncertain about whether it made sense to have a baby under her current life circumstances and she was worried that her family wouldn’t be supportive. Through FCWS, Sinead found the support system she needed to not only choose LIFE for her baby but also to open up to her family and gain their support in parenting, as well. Now, Sinead and her family are closer than ever, and her sweet little girl is her most treasured gift.

Aisha & Sinead’s Stories

Both Aisha and Sinead came to FCWS abortion-minded. After seeing life on their ultrasounds and speaking with their client advocates, though, both women were empowered to choose LIFE for their children.

Brianna’s Story

Brianna first came to FCWS at 16 years old, scared and planning to have an abortion. After speaking with her client advocate, though, Brianna felt empowered to choose LIFE. Several years later, Brianna found herself again pregnant, this time expecting twins. As a result of outside pressures in her life, she was strongly considering abortion. After seeing her babies during her ultrasound appointment, though, Brianna knew LIFE was the only option for her sweet baby girls.

Melanie’s Story

When Melanie first found out she was pregnant, she was overcome with guilt, sadness, and a sense of unworthiness to be a mom. She walked through the doors of First Coast Women’s Services with an abortion already scheduled, seeking out answers and support. After speaking with an advocate and seeing her baby active on her ultrasound, Melanie chose LIFE for her son which she says is one of the best decisions she’s made in her whole life.

la historia de melanie

Cuando Melanie se enteró por primera vez de que estaba embarazada, se sintió abrumada por la culpa, la tristeza y una sensación de indignidad para ser madre. Entró por las puertas de First Coast Women’s Services con un aborto ya programado, en busca de respuestas y apoyo. Después de hablar con un defensor y ver a su bebé activo en su ultrasonido, Melanie eligió VIDA para su hijo, y dice que es una de las mejores decisiones que ha tomado en toda su vida.

You have a choice – 2 women’s stories

These two women both faced outside pressures to abort their babies. However, one went to an abortion clinic, and the other came to us at First Coast Women’s Services. The difference? At an abortion clinic, women are not presented options. At FCWS, we inform women on all their options and provide them with the support they need to be empowered to choose LIFE for their babies. We also offer Abortion Healing Assistance for women and men who have chosen abortion in the past and are seeking freedom from the pain of that decision.

men’s Ministry Testimonies:

Robert’s Story

Robert came to know Christ after the tragic death of his child, Owen, who was stillborn at 9 months gestation. Through the love and support of FCWS volunteers and staff, Robert learned to navigate the valleys of life and come out stronger from them. He shares his story of loss, salvation, and new hope found in the birth of his daughter, Arabella Rose.

Tyron’s Story

Tyron grew up without a father and always struggled with the question, “why didn’t he want me?” After finding out he was going to be a father and coming to FCWS, Tyron began working three jobs while attending the Earn While You Learn classes, as he never had a father figure but wanted to learn from the example set by our Male Mentors. In this video, Tyron talks about the impact of the Men’s Ministry and mentoring on him and what made him want to come back multiple times to learn more about fatherhood.

Abortion Healing Testimonies:

Analee’s Story

When Analee went to see a Christian counselor, she was overcome with emotion and she shared with her counselor what she never planned to share with anyone – she’d had an abortion 3 years prior. Through her healing journey, Analee found the truth that “there is now no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1). Now married and the mother of 3 beautiful children, Analee shares her Abortion Healing story in hopes of helping other women find healing, too.

You Have a Choice – 2 Women’s Stories

These two women both faced outside pressures to abort their babies. However, one went to an abortion clinic, and the other came to us at First Coast Women’s Services. Feeling as though there were no other options, the first woman chose abortion. After years of destructive behavior to numb the pain, she sought out help from FCWS. We Abortion Healing Assistance for women and men who have chosen abortion in the past and are seeking freedom from the pain of that decision.

Stories of loss & REdemption:

Shelby & Robert’s Story

Shelby and Robert came to FCWS in need of support and education during their pregnancy. When tragedy struck and their son was stillborn, however, they found themselves in search of answers. Through conversations with his male mentor and others, Robert came to know Christ. The couple also found renewed hope when they learned they were expecting again – a healthy baby girl, Arabella Rose.

Cathy & Tiffany’s Story

Cathy met Tiffany on her first visit to First Coast Women’s Services. As Cathy’s client advocate, Tiffany walked by Cathy’s side through her entire pregnancy. Following the birth of her son, Cathy continued to come to Earn While You Learn classes, bringing her son along with her as she continued to learn about motherhood. In May of 2021, Cathy’s life was tragically taken from her, but her mother Gwen found all her notes from Earn While You Learn and came back to the center to share with Tiffany how much FCWS had meant to her daughter.

Adoption testimonies:

Alecia’s Story

When Alecia found out she was expecting, her boyfriend offered her $10,000 to have an abortion, but Alecia knew LIFE was the only choice for her child. Wanting her son to grow up in a stable and godly home, Alecia chose to place her son for adoption.