Earn While You Learn

First Coast Women’s Services’ clients who choose to parent may join the Earn While You Learn Program, a system of loving, learning, and earning.

  • Instill accountability
  • Promote self-sufficiency
  • Develop independent living skills
  • Inform on healthy pregnancy
  • Impart parenting and relationship guidance
  • Create meaningful relationships with mentor

“I got an education on what was happening to my body, how to care for myself physically, emotionally, and how to prepare for the baby’s arrival once it was here.” –Chelsea

Exploring Adoption

First Coast Women’s Services is not an adoption agency although we inform and provide care and emotional support to women who decide to make an adoption plan for their child.

  • Provides the information on the adoption process
  • Options include open, semi-closed, and closed adoptions
  • Supports women as they choose adoptive parents
  • Supports women as they work with an adoption agency or attorney to choose the family they want their child to grow up in.

“I found myself in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. I had no idea what I was going to do. I went through counseling for months, and I solidified the idea that adoption was what I needed to do. I signed the papers knowing in every fiber of my being that it was the right thing to do…I will never tell anyone adoption is easy, but I will always make sure they know it’s worth it.” -Maggie

Operation Fatherhood

First Coast Women’s Services’ Men’s Ministry Program provides a safe place for men to openly discuss concerns, emotions, and questions relating to pregnancy.

  • Facts on fetal development
  • How to support the baby’s mother
  • Responsibilities of fathers
  • How to become an effective father
  • Encouragement on healthy lifestyle choices
  • Information on sexually transmitted diseases
  • Education on parenting and household management
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Post-abortion counseling

“We had an abortion previous to the time we got pregnant. And that abortion caused me a lot of inner turmoil. [The advocate] took us in; she was warm, caring, and she was so real. If it wasn’t for First Coast Women’s Services, we would not have our beautiful daughter.” -Ronald

Beautiful Program

Those in this program are taught to see that God has a plan for their life and that the past does not define them. Through this program, participants will learn:

  • How to find forgiveness and healing
  • How to see the value of their life
  • How to combat negative thoughts that come during the storms of life

“The people are so nice and kind to me…I feel nothing but love and support!”

Hope & Healing

First Coast Women’s Services offers women who have lost a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death, a place to grieve, gaining support and mentorship.

  • Mentorships for parents and grandparents who have lost a child/grandchild
  • Mentorships for those who have received an adverse diagnosis
  • A safe place to sort out emotions
  • Support from peers who have experience with loss

Forgiven & Set Free

First Coast Women’s Services offers abortion healing and assistance for women and men who seek healing from emotional and spiritual pain from participating in past abortions.

  • Address denial
  • Share
  • Deal with guilt
  • Clear up misconceptions about God
  • Grieve the loss of their child
  • Come to acceptance
  • Experience emotional and spiritual recovery

“I could no longer deny the babies I aborted were in fact children. Whenever I was suffering from depression, sadness, or anxiety, I chose to drink…[after a year of sobriety and mentorship] the one thing I still didn’t know what to do with was those abortions. It was in the study that I realized the depth of Christ’s love for me for the first time and, not only that, I saw that the cross is big enough for all sin, even my sin of abortion.” -Shawn

Remembering the Unborn

First Coast Memorial for the unborn memorial offers a physical place for family members and friends to grieve the loss of unborn children. Through abortion, stillbirth or miscarriage, the surviving members experience loss.

The memorial is a place that provides healing and opportunity for closure. Brick pavers and metal plaques can be purchased, personalized, and placed along the walkway.

“The idea of something tangible to say yes, there was my baby, she was real, and her memory lives on brings such comfort and peace to me, that I know it will be the same for thousands like me, who have lost a baby to abortion.” -A Mother

“I thank you for the opportunity to make a permanent record and to tell the world that my son did exist, if only for a while.” -A Father

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